Multiple stirrers with external control unit

Designed for reliable mass screenings as well as chemical, biotechnical and medical applications of all kinds, developed for the hard daily lab use and uncompromising continuous operation.

MIXDRIVE FAMILY 025 1024The individual combination possibilities of three control unit types MIXcontrol with the stirring drives MIXdrive always offer you the maximum quality for the optimum value for money exactly complementary to your needs.

The control units MIXcontrol define thereby the performance of the stirrers and the operation comfort.

The stirring drives MIXdrive are the indestructible equipment for your tasks in all days' laboratory work. No matter whether you decide for a serial device or a custom-made device, our aim is always: quality, stability and a reliable and affordable solution for exactly your needs. All MIXdrive are, with regard to the inner life, technically identical and can be combines aith any of the 3 different control units MIXcontrol.

We offer you different stirring combinations for your individual applications. In case there will be no adequate stirrer available for you, we will be able to shortly work out a solution according to your needs.

Ask us - test us - we are there for you!

2mag - MIXphilosophy
Combination possibilities of stirring systems

t up to +50 °C (in air)
t up to +50 °C (submersed)

tMIXdrive 60 MIXcontrol 40 (RS232) MIXcontrol 20 (RS232) MIXcontrol eco
tMIXdrive 15
tMIXdrive 6
tMIXdrive 1 MIXcontrol 20 (RS232) MIXcontrol eco (DINrail)
tMIXdrive 1 eco MIXcontrol eco (DINrail)
tMIXdrive 1 XS
tcuvetteMIXdrive 1

tHT (High Temperature) 
t up to +200 °C (in air)
t up to +95 °C (submersed)

tMIXdrive 60 HT MIXcontrol 40 (RS232) MIXcontrol 20 (RS232) MIXcontrol eco
tMIXdrive 15 HT
tMIXdrive 6 HT
tMIXdrive 1 HT MIXcontrol 20 (RS232) MIXcontrol eco (DINrail)
tMIXdrive 1 eco HT MIXcontrol eco (DINrail)
tMIXdrive 1 XS HT
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