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Welcome to Sterico

STERICO AG was founded in spring 1976 as a limited company based in Wangen (ZH).
The main purpose was domestic trade of technical instruments and equipment.
In summer 2000, the company was taken over and modernised by a young team. The relocation from Dietikon to Wangen followed after a year.

STERICO offers sales, maintenance and service of steam sterilizers as well as magnet stirrers. In addition this small and very innovative commercial enterprise offers qualification and validation for all instruments. Customised instruments and systems made of different materials for very demanding customers can be designed and produced in the perfectly equipped mechanical workshop.


Sterico AG – The service team handling whole of Switzerland
The service team offers a fast, friendly and competent service at all times. STERICO-Service stands for short reaction-time and fast solutions.
Permanent advanced training, a few steps away from the production company makes our service unique and unrivalled.


Sterico AG – The philosophy
Last but not least the most important: The customer is the king!
The customer stands in the spotlight of our business.
Entrust us with your problem!
We search for and we find the best solutions.

Magnetic stirrers, reactionblocks and magnetic drive systems

   100% wear- and maintenance-free
   30% more stirring power than comparable systems
   Super-flat, space-saving stirring drives - ideal for robotics
   Made for permanent operations
   Heat resistant and submersible
   Synchronous speed at all stirring positions
   Zero-stand-by power supply units
   Individual configurations fast and economic realizable
   More than 30 years experience with inductive and magnetic drive concepts

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Phone Support


Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 5.00 pm

+41 (0)43 / 255 99 09

Please note our business hours.

Special offer

 sale 150

From now on we are selling our used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically in perfect condition.

New catalogue

2mag Catalogue Magnetic Stirrers
NEW Version 2015.

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